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KOAN Sound Returns: A First Look at Their Forthcoming LP

Three years of silence is finally coming to an end for KOAN Sound—the British production duo from Bristol that has all but perfected the art of glitch hop. Their return has been highly anticipated among fans of the genre. And this time, the wait truly pays off.

On Friday, KOAN Sound released “Chilli Daddy,” the first single off their upcoming album, Polychrome. The single takes glitch hop to its most frenetic extreme: it is full of energy, exploding with percussion, and pulsing with a powerful moving bassline. Of course, “Chilli Daddy” still shows off KOAN’s unique ability to jam-pack a track while still maintaining a crisp and clean sound.

After this release, things will be progressing quickly for the duo. Polychrome will be out in just a few weeks on December 7th. The LP will be KOAN’s first studio release since their 2015 EP, Forgotten Myths. In a silence-breaking tweet last July, Jim Bastow and Will Weeks (the minds behind KOAN) called the album “the most ambitious thing [they]’ve done to date.” From the looks of this first taste, Polychrome is sure to deliver.

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