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Latest Liquid Stranger EP Represents Wakaan’s Finest

When it comes to musical experimentation, there are certain producers who can lead the early vanguard and then stay there for the whole duration of lengthy careers. Liquid Stranger (the alias of Swedish producer, Martin Stääf) is one such veteran producer. Even though Stääf got his start in the 90s, his music is the farthest thing from stagnant. As label head of the growing bass giant, Wakaan, this man defines the cutting edge—which is exactly why a Liquid Stranger release is not to be missed.

This weekend, Wakaan published Liquid Stranger’s first solo project of 2018: a six-track EP entitled Polarity. The work reaches into the many corners of bass music, going from funky glitch hop, to ambient downtempo, to gnarly dubstep sprinkled with breakbeats.

The EP offers a second part to the summer hit, “Gunslinger,” in which the already heavy song goes up another notch in an utterly unpredictable fashion, true to freeform bass. For those who have followed live performances, the long wait for “Paranoid” (a heavy collab with Bleep Bloop that was featured in many sets) is finally over. Other features include important Wakaan players like Shlump and Freddy Todd.

The Polarity EP is only a little taste of what’s to come for Liquid Stranger in 2019. He will be dropping an album that is rumored to be over 20 tracks in length. Perhaps most indicative of the future for Liquid Stranger is “Mind Over Matter,” an immaculately produced six-minute journey with an immersive, science fiction-inspired interlude. Stääf’s production capabilities shine at this length. While Liquid Stranger is based right here in Arizona, his songs clearly belong to another dimension.

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