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Moments You Need to See From the Many Skism B2B Trampa Sets

Nothing makes fans go wild like a solid B2B set up. B2B meaning “back to back” is when two like DJs share the stage for a set, perfectly blending their own special sauces of style, production, and stage presence. A B2B is something special as you get to see two of your favorite producers in a live, collared setting.

Two forces of nature in Bass Music, Skism and Trampa, decided to do what no other producer has done and set out on dual tour, entirely centered around the refined art the B2B. Because it’s impossible to keep up with all the shows, and all the legendary shows. We’ve curated a highlight reel of some of their best moments.

Skism B2B Trampe at EDC Las Vegas 2017- The Bass Pod was over taken with ear splitting bass. Wanna re live it? Check out the track list here.

                   Skism B2B Trampa EDC Las Vegas 2017

And then they took Bassrush Massive with Insomniac in July. It was only Trampa on the line up but any one who knows him knows he’s a package deal with Skism. Fair warning, a whistle blower is in ear shot.

                     Bassrush Massive 2018: SKisM b2b Trampa

And last but not least, Most recently the two threw flames amounts the dinos at Excision’s Lost Lands. Bless who ever took this high quality footage because if you like bass this is one you can’t miss.

                       Skism B2B Trampa @ Lost Lands 2018

I guess it’s safe to say these two have perfected the art of the B2B. This is one Decadence set you can’t miss. If you haven’t yet, grab your tickets here and face a New Years you’ll never forget.

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