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Radio Recap: Anna Lunoe’s Hyperhouse

This week’s Radio Recap aims the spotlight on Australian EDM queen Anna Lunoe, who’s just proved she’s one of the hardest working women in the industry (if you didn’t know already). She recently debuted the first ever HYPERHOUSE LIVESTREAM, a reinvention to the previously radio-driven format of HYPERHOUSE. The first episode to the livestream series features an introduction by Anna Lunoe herself, followed by a mini-mix, a special guest mix by Noizu, and a chat/live jam with Born Dirty. With a little flair of her quirky personality, Lunoe includes a green screen behind her while she DJs (watch it below – you don’t want to miss her in action). In her intro, Lunoe describes how a HYPERHOUSE set is different than a typical Anna Lunoe set, explaining that HYPERHOUSE mixes are more about inspiring club culture and tend to be focused on new and experimental music rather than tracks exclusive to Anna Lunoe.

Anna Lunoe Presents: Hyperhouse Livestream 001

Hyperhouse is the creative extension of Anna Lunoe, which started as a radio show every week for two and a half years on Apple Music’s Beats1. It has seamlessly evolved into a record label, event series, a lifestyle brand curation, and now HYPERHOUSE LIVESTREAM. Future episodes of HYPERHOUSE LIVESTREAM will feature surprise guests, interviews and mixes by Lunoe, so make sure to stay on the lookout for the next episode.

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