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RB Deep In The Mix: Autograf @ Groove Cruise LA 2017

Autograf is a trio with humble beginnings. Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha, and Mikul Wing all began with backgrounds in the visual art and design world. Years before Autograf was formed, the three had successful careers as DJ’s and artists. It wasn’t until 2013 when the three came together to form an electronic indie band, and Autograf was born. When Autograf hit Warhol’s Factory in New York City for their first live performance, they transformed the venue into “an art installation meets dance party.”

Over the following years, Autograf has blown up and become the eccentric and vibey house group we love today. For this week’s RB Deep in the Mix, we are looking at one of Autograf’s most polished and developed sets from Groove Cruise 2017.

At just over an hour long, this set shows how much Autograf has grown their electronic-indie sound. Their transitions are seamless, they perfectly blend together indie and house classics along with some of the newest and most prized house and pop beats today. The icing on the cake is their brass instruments that are naturally placed throughout the heartfelt performance. I can only imagine the faces on fans while getting to witness this divine set while on the cruise ship.

Autograf is bringing the heat to Origins 2018 at the Rawhide Riverwalk on November 17th. If you’re a house head, you need to get your tickets as soon as possible! Grab tickets here.

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Sources: Chicago Tribune

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