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Snails and Wooli Unleash Their ‘Snailephant’

Headbangers, we introduce you to a dubstep monster that the masters of filth, Snails and Wooli, have been busy cooking up in the lab. Let the fight begin with “Snailephant.” If any producers know how to create grimy bass, it’s Wooli and Snails; their mascots, a wooly mammoth, and a snail, respectively, speak for themselves. It seems like this obviously perfect collaboration should have happened by now, but the greatest things take time, and this track is made from the greats themselves.

Even for listeners unfamiliar with either Snails or Wooli, each producer’s uniquely individual sound and style is obvious and distinct, while still interweaving effortlessly with each other. Snails’ “vomitstep” style, filled with wobbly bass and gurgling synths, battles somehow harmoniously with Wooli’s ground-shaking, grinding bass for a supremely heavy sound. Both DJ’s sounds emit the animal for which they named themselves, which makes the name “Snailephant” all the more fitting. The track is truly a powerful hybrid of a beast. Prepare your necks: this one will have you in a neck brace indefinitely.

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