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SoDown Takes Off on ‘Jet Black’ EP

Colorado native SoDown makes moves again with another big release in form of a 4 -track EP titled Jet Black. This producer knows no boundaries, and states all over social media that he makes whatever music he pleases. This project is no exception, hitting hard dubstep, bass house, and trap all in such a short period of time. Make room for this guy in your playlists, because his wide range lands him on all sorts of platforms.

Starting off with a sick intro, the first fitting track “Jet Black” is a bass house anthem featuring TruFeelz, which pleasantly leads into  “Down Low,”  starting off the nasty Dubstep. Next up he enlists the help of Homemade Spaceship to make the popular “Stand Up,” which pairs up well with the last track to cater to any wonky needs. “I Got Dat” while fitting bouncy dubstep, is filled with trap roots and takes a really awesome and experimental twist to a great finisher. Relentless Beat’s held an exclusive interview with talented artist, which can viewed here. Stay up to date with SoDown because this guy knows definitely what he is doing!

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