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Spin it Back Saturday: Dirt Monkey – ‘Intergalactic’

With the release of Dirt Monkey’s newest album Rise of the Octopeel, it became obvious that the artist loves all thing sci-fi and planetary. The album tells the story of a legendary monkey that rises up to protect his planet, “Planet Wubula” from the evil Ocotopeel. The plot is just as wonky and weird as it sounds, but the album tells this story perfectly through banging crafted bass, wubs, over the top synths, and fun vocals. This isn’t the first time Dirt Monkey has shown his love for all things interplanetary.

In 2012, when the industry was just starting to get attention and artists were still trying to get their foot in the door, Dirt Monkey released “Intergalactic” an out-of-this-world collaboration with dubstep producer MSD. This song has become buried in Dirt Monkey’s extended discography but remains one of the best-hidden treasures from the artist. For this week’s Spin it Back Saturday we are shining a light on this gem.

The intro for “Intergalactic” is filled with angelic synths that set the vibe for the track. The track then drops into an aggressive and dirty bassline that was unlike anything else around at the time. The sound of the bass has hints of the signature sound we have grown to love from Dirt Monkey, but his sound has definitely grown and become more defined since the release of “Intergalactic.”

If you want to go bananas with Dirt Monkey, you’re in luck. He is making two stops in Arizona before the end of the year. He is playing at Aura Nightclub on November 24th in Tempe (tickets here) and on December 8th at Gentle Ben’s in Tucson. Grab tickets here.

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