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Spin it Back Saturday: Rebelution – ‘Safe and Sound’

For this week’s Spin It Back Saturday, we are putting the face melting drops, mind-blowing synths, and computer-generated euphoria on the backburner to slow things down a notch. Rebelution has grown to be the must-see reggae band since their humble beginnings in 2004. With 6 EPs under their belt, each one more popular than the last, it’s no surprise that Rebelution has created the new standard for reggae music. This week, we are looking at a track that touched the hearts of literally millions and helped Rebelution become the band they are today, “Safe and Sound.”

“Safe and Sound” was released off the Santa Barbara-based band’s 2007 album, Courage to Grow. The song features harmonic vocals from singer and guitar player Eric Rachmany. The song is filled with wonderful brass instruments, eclectic keyboards, and an overall chill vibe. “Safe and Sound” is the perfect song to sit back, relax and exhale all your worries away to. With the help of this track, Courage to Grow reached the number 4 position on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart. “Safe and Sound” has reached almost 20 million streams on Spotify alone.

Rebelution is headlining a new festival at Rawhide early next year. The minds behind California Roots festival are giving us Arizona Roots Festival. A two-day bonanza featuring tons of Reggae bands on February 9th and 10th. Grab tickets here.

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