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Taiki Nulight’s ‘Murky Manor’ is a Must-Listen

House music’s Taiki Nulight is officially big time, throwing down a mesmerizing 11 track LP on AC Slater’s wildly popular Night Bass.  Gloomy but upbeat, the collection is mysteriously deep and adds a whole new hybrid dimension to the labels’ already industry-leading roster.

Amidst an influx of similar sounding house, Taiki Nulight manages to perfect and hone in his signature sound.  The best leads, pads, and dark bass make this his most full project to date, and definitely carves out a place for his name amongst the best in the business.

Most popular tracks are the collaboration with Chris Lorenzo, dubbed “Sinner”, his solo tracks “Primal”, “The Way I Feel”, LP titled track “Murky Manor” and hit “Night Bass Thing” with the man himself, AC Slater. The album has the ability to switch up on you fast, going from that desired deep and cryptic feel one is accustomed to, before kicking it to the curb for his rooted uk garage.


Fitting that style to the extreme is “Iconic” a piece featuring Dread MC, which gets grime down to the core. Not to be left out is the intro, “Invite to Murky Manor”, which prepares you for the full vision the artist gives to Night Bass listeners. He is currently playing shows in the UK, but we can hope to see much more from the talented house producer in the near future. Fix your eyes on Taiki Nulight and keep an eye out for more performance dates from him soon!

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