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Three Drezo Tracks Guaranteed to Make You a Fan

Born in Las Vegas, but raised in Phoenix, Drezo is basically a native of the valley and he shows us the love each time he comes to town by playing multiple shows throughout the state. He’s already demonstrated tremendous growth since emerging onto the scene just a few years ago, and he’s got a solid fanbase now to show for it. If you’re new to Drezo, it can be tough to know where to start when exploring his discography, so let me break it down for you with these three songs – continue reading for the best of Drezo.

Released in 2015, “Guap” is arguably Drezo’s most well-known and commended track. Featuring that dark house vibe he has since established as uniquely his, the track is a dystopian house masterpiece.

One of my personal favorites, “Jaded” is another Drezo classic, with a dark driving bassline that you can’t help but dance to.

One of Drezo’s earlier tracks, “Rogue” set the tone for what Drezo would deliver in the coming years. The track shows off more of his techno side and features those same pleasantly dark vibes.

Now that you’ve got the best of Drezo to take with you, explore all of his music – because really, narrowing it down to just three was nearly impossible. Also be sure to catch him at this year’s Decadence AZ alongside Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Eric Prydz, and more. You can see the full lineup, get more info, and purchase tickets here.

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