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3 Reasons Arizona Absolutely LOVES SayMyName

Los Angles-based DJ and Producer SayMyName is always cooking up something special for his Arizona family. He’s played 3 times in the Grand Canyon State this year alone, and each time has been more powerful than the last. His live set curates a plethora of different genres, always leaving fans on the edge of their seats. SayMyName is hitting Arizona for two shows in Flagstaff (grab tickets here) and Phoenix (grab tickets here) on February 1st and 2nd. It’s obvious that SayMyName loves Arizona, but have you ever wondered why Arizona loves SayMyName? Well look no further, here’s 3 reasons why:

His Music is the perfect combination of Hardstyle and Bass

SayMyName has a music style unlike others in the industry. His music combines classic hardstyle music with cutting-edge bass and dubstep. Each SayMyName song goes in a different direction, for the better. This technique keeps his music exciting and satisfies both old-school hardstyle lovers with new generation bassheads.

His Shows are Always Wild


If there’s one thing SayMyName knows how to do, it’s throwing a wild show. When he took over Pioneer Peak at Goldrush this year, everyone in the crowd was going insane; there wasn’t a single person in that crowd without a huge smile on their face. SayMyName can hype up the crowd like no other, and he always leaves fans with a set they’ll remember.

He Always Gives Locals a Chance to Throw Down

When SayMyName comes to Arizona, it’s usually always locals that open up for him. Earlier this year when he came through on tour he hit Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson. Each show had local openers, giving artists that make Phoenix so special a place to shine. Our Arizona locals always throw down and always play some wonky non-mainstream tracks. Make sure to get to the show early!

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