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Megalodon’s ‘Tooth & Rail’ EP Resurfaces From the Depths

Its been a mere 3 months since the the San Francisco based producer, Megalodon, released his fully loaded EP, Tooth & Rail, and our heads are still swimming with the bass and biting beats. Released by the infamous Never Say Die Records- this compilation itches that dubstep scratch that only a select few producers can sooth. Riddled with angst, emotion, scathing rips, and stinging dips; these 4 tracks dive deep into what dubstep should sound like.

Leading with the EP-titled track, “Tooth & Rail” will make your insides shake. Whether it’s from the need to thrash to the beat or simply from the reverberation from the subwoofers- you will be moved one way or another. The song is, at its core, is a blistering rock-infused dubstep track that feeds both the inner high schooler and present bass head. Check it below.

If you’re like us and you just can’t get enough of this one, you’re in luck. Come out to Aura on March 23 for Megalodon and Dack Janiels. Grab your tickets here if you dare.

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