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‘Sicko Mode’ Gets a Skrillex Rework

Travis Scott‘s Astroworld was arguably one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Standout track “Sicko Mode” has been receiving major air time, jumping around the charts since it’s release. Last week the single sat at No. 2, but a new bass inspired remix has just brought “Sicko Mode” to the No. 1 spot–a first for Travis Scott!

Skrillex, as he does with most things, does this remix right! Sticking with the original chords and vocals from both Scott and Drake, the DJ and producer, adds his own layer of sound in the form of spicy womps and orchestral bass. Dropping in after the beat switch in the original track (if you know, you know), this may seem like a restrained production for Skrillex who’s become known for his heavy beats, but we think he added a new flair that does the original justice.

Skrillex is currently back on the road, but he’s only performing a select few shows this holiday season, so you’ll want to catch him when he headlines Decadence AZ later this month! Grab tickets here.

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