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Spin it Back Saturday: Buku – ‘Slap It’

Robert Balotsky, or as his cult following call him, Buku, has been making wonky and distorted bass music since his humble beginnings in 2012. After listening to downtempo experimental artists like Boards of Canada and Bonobo all throughout high school, Buku fell in love with the energy and sound design of the dance music industry in 2009 during the ‘UKF Dubstep Era.’ Just 3 years later, Buku hit fans with his first EP, Janky. Since the release of Janky, Buku has gone on to produce several extended plays, singles, and remixes.

For this week’s Spin it Back Saturday, we are looking at one of Buku’s original tracks. “Slap It” is off the artists second EP, Fooled and it goes HARD!

As soon as you press play on “Slap It,” it will feel like you are stepping inside of a time machine back to the early 2010s when bass music was still finding its place in the dance music world. “Slap It” is a wobbly masterpiece of wubs that sticks to the roots of bass music before super heavy earth-shattering dubstep and riddim blew up in popularity. It’s a chill bass music track that is easy on the ears enjoyable to listen to. The whole Fooled EP is a masterpiece that proves that being the loudest and the heaviest doesn’t mean being the best.

Buku is blessing Arizona with 3 nights of bangers with Space Jesus on April 12th, 13th, and 14th in Flagstaff (grab tickets here), Phoenix (grab tickets here), and Tucson (grab tickets here). See you on the dancefloor!

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