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Dillon Nathaniel Drops Head Spinning Single ‘Pressure’ from Upcoming EP

House is all about attention to detail, with sound manipulation at the forefront. The subtle sounds in House music are what keep the audience engaged, and Los Angeles-based producer Dillon Nathaniel absolutely nails that concept on his new single “Pressure” off of his upcoming EP of the same name. The track feels like a movie, starting with an ominous intro with a dark, almost evil voice, before building into a jumpy futuristic tune, switching the mood up throughout. This single is just the beginning as Nathaniel is gradually gaining attention at a national level, hopefully alleviating some of that “Pressure” on his shoulders. Check out the song below, and add it to your library here.  

It’s clear that Nathaniel is onto something with this release. As a producer, his focus on the smallest, but most necessary details really set him apart with his newest tune. If this is just a taste of what we should expect when it comes to his new EP, which is out February 22nd on Big Beat Records, then we are in for something truly special. 

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