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Marshmello to Host In-game Fortnite Concert

Video games and EDM go well together. From the early days of EDM, artists created music specifically to enhance the atmosphere of a video game. A lot of the music produced for video games used synthesizers and chiptunes to create simplistic melodies. These simplistic melodies later went on to become anthems of our youth, with songs like the Super Mario Bros. theme and Legend of Zelda theme. There have been countless artists who’ve collaborated with video game studios like Skrillex, who created the theme to Kingdom Hearts III, and Zedd, who created the song “Ignite” for the League of Legends World Championship. However, on February 2, 2019, 2:00 PM ET, the biggest possible collaboration is going to happen: Marshmello will be hosting an in-game concert on the popular game Fortnite.

It seems like a pretty good equation. In 2018 alone, Marshmello, also known as Christopher Comstock, was nominated 2018 Top Dance/ Electronic Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, released “Happier” featuring Bastille which now has over 500 million listens on Spotify, and performed at Hard Summer, Electric Forest, EDC Las Vegas, and Decadence Colorado. Fortnite has over 200 million registered users as of November, 2018 and Epic Games, the company who owns Fortnite, grossed $3 billion last year.

Earlier today Marshmello announced on Twitter that he would be hosting a show in the Fortnite location, Pleasant Park. Fortnite also released some Marshmello gear to be purchased with in-game currency including a new skin for 1,500 v-bucks and a glider for 500 v-bucks. If you don’t want to pay $10 to dress up as Marshmello, you could also complete the quests called “Keep it Mello”, named after Marshmello’s debut single from 2016. The quests unlock a new emote, a pickaxe, and some spray paint that will come in handy for completion of the other quests. The quests themselves aren’t too difficult and I’ve already seen a bunch of users with the Marshmello skin equipped.

The final event takes place on February 2 at 2:00 PM ET. However, if you drop near Pleasant Park today, you’ll see that the stage is set up and almost ready to hold one of the largest in-game concerts ever. Even if you don’t play Fortnite, some passionate fans believe that the concert will also include the release of a new Fortnite-inspired Marshmello song, so be sure to be ready for February 2 regardless.

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