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RB Deep in the Mix: Anna Lunoe @ CRSSD Festival 2015

For this week’s RB Deep in the Mix, we are time traveling back to 2015 when Anna Lunoe absolutely killed it with her set at CRSSD festival 2015. Sitting at less than 200,000 streams, this set is a hidden gem that really shows the power of house music. Back when this set was released, a ton of the featured tracks were unreleased, waiting to find their place in the electronic world. Now almost 4 years later, most of these songs have gone on to become defining milestones in the house music movement. Her CRSSD fest is packed with euphoric and vivid music that you can’t help but smile too. When this set dives really deep about halfway through, I couldn’t help but get shivers down my spine.

ANNA LUNOE DJ set at CRSSD Festival | Fall 2015

The Australian based DJ, producer, songwriter, and vocalist came from humble beginnings. She started off her journey into the musical world by playing the acoustic guitar and singing as a child. It wasn’t until she fell in love with electronic music and started DJing she decided to do vocals on the Justin Martin track “Sad Piano.” Anna Lunoe moved to L.A. and began producing music like crazy. In her 9 years of being a producer, she has created 5 EP’s and countless singles. She now hosts a weekly radio show exclusively on Apple Music.

Anna Lunoe is taking over the 5-year anniversary of Crush on February 15th and 16th at Rawhide. Grab tickets here.

Connect with Anna Lunoe: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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