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Spin it Back Saturday: Alan Walker – ‘Faded’

Alan Walker is an electrifying 21-year-old Norwegian producer who began his musical journey in 2014 when he released his melodic electro house track ”Faded,” which quickly gained great popularity among gamers. The song embodies this alternative universe theme song that resonated with people worldwide. Since it’s release, this track has elicited hope, happiness, and most of all, freedom.

Growing up in the digital era, Alan found an early interest in computers, which later turned into a fascination for programming and graphic design. In 2012, he started making music on his laptop, and with the help and feedback from his online friends, his songs soon caught the attention of various record labels. Alan’s world famous, “Faded,” which includes vocals from Iselin Solheim, has catapulted across charts, helping him become one of music’s hottest talents. The single has held the #1 spot on both Shazam’s Worldwide Top 200 Chart for 7 weeks and the Global Dance Chart for 10 weeks, receiving over 7.5 million tags on Shazam, while the video has over 217 million views on YouTube. Additionally, the single has over 266 million Spotify streams worldwide and is on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.

It’s safe to say while the track is called “Faded” its mark and presence has stood the test of time. This Spin it Back Saturday has is itching to catch Alan Walker when he comes to the Rialto on February 12. Get your tickets here.

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