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Trampa Packs a Punch with ‘Knockout’ EP

This isn’t the UFC and we aren’t a blog about fighting, but U.K. producer/DJ Trampa‘s new Knockout EP packs quite a punch and then some, so we have to discuss. The best way to describe his most recent work is controlled madness. It’s in your face, it’s unique, and it’s different than any dubstep you’ve heard before. Consisting of four tracks, the EP gives a feel as if you’re actually in a UFC fight. The title track starts as an incredible build up, then drops into an unmistakable trademark Trampa heavy beat. He keeps a similar formula with the next song “Walloped,” but throws in a second drop that is sure to open a few mosh pits. “Coming At Ya” is a standout on the project, with a slight increase in tempo. The initial build up sounds like something out of a Gran Turismo game, before leading into a drop that is as good as any out there. This song will go OFF live. The collection ends with the hip-hip/dub blend called “Ceremony” which has the vocals of Rico Act, and will undoubtedly turn into a mosh pit anthem. You can check out the project below on Spotify. 

Trampa is bringing a breath of fresh air into what has arguably become a stale dubstep scene as of late. His production and attention to detail within the music are unmatched as he continues to drop some of the hardest and in-your-face tunes out there. His Knockout EP is no different, as all four tracks are sure to send any crowd into a frenzy. Check out his newest work at your own risk; we at Relentless Beats cannot be held responsible for any broken property caused by this EP. 

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