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Wakaan Releases the ‘Babatunde’ Remix EP

By now, everyone is familiar with Peekaboo for the legendary and wobbly bass track “Babatunde.” Although the original is perfect the way it is, it’s an ideal candidate for remixes because of it’s simple structure and foundation. Recently, Wakaan released an EP of remixes, including Peekaboo and G-Rex‘s VIP. Get ready to bless your ears with the nastiest versions these bass artists have to offer.

The “Babatunde” VIP raises everything to another disgusting level. Think the original, but harder, heavier, filthier, and dare we say better. Peekaboo and G-Rex take the original and add more sounds elements to make a simple track complex. Dirt Monkey‘s remix adds grimy repetition and liquifies the bass, while Eliminate‘s remix pulls the energy up from the gutters into a space bass vibe. TYNAN‘s remix intro is eerie and haunting, but he takes the wubs to an even deeper level (as if that were possible). LUZCID offers a glitchy remix, while um.. slow down the wobbles to a seductive speed. Any way you want to listen, “Babatunde” hits hard and has certainly secured it’s spot as a staple in any bass set.

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