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Bear Grillz Ditches Dubstep on New Single ‘Demons’

Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. More likely than not, it will pay off and you’ll learn something about yourself. Colorado producer/mammal Bear Grillz has walked out of his gnarly, hard-hitting dubstep forest, and into a serene, melodic valley full of future bass and self-reflective music. “Demons” is his lead single on his upcoming album of the same name, and it is an astounding modification to his usual aggressive style. The song features a beautiful vocal performance from RUNN, and confronts the troubles and tribulations throughout day-to-day life. It is surprisingly personal in comparison to pretty much everything in the Bear Grillz catalog. You can check out the future bass jam below. 

Even if you’re a headbanger until the grave, you have to appreciate how perfectly put together this single is. Although very different than what we are used to hearing from our favorite brown bear, this song is incredible. It takes a lot of courage as an artist to completely revamp your style, even for one song. It’s even more impressive that this song is so personal. “Demons” may be a little out of the norm, but Bear Grillz has absolutely nailed it with his newest release. 

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