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Deadmau5 Drops ‘mau5ville: Level 3’

You are cordially invited to the third story of mau5ville, the synthy and glitchy mansion of music. This EP features not one but two originals from the mau5 king himself, as well as remixes and originals by mau5 mates like  J. Worra and Mark Mackenzie. It’s something definitely worth a listen or two.

The two new deadmau5 tracks are nothing sort of transportive. I swear when you press play and you’re instantly in a pixilated world full of sounds and stems. The remaining 8 songs follow suite of masterful and robust songs that lure you right into the techno trap. Check them out below.

Let this be the soundtrack to your workday, run, or Minecraft session because whatever this is played to will surely make it a better experience.

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