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Fox Blanco Gives Us ‘VR’

One of Sweden’s fast-ascending acts has just put out a new record through Sony Music Germany. The undisputedly talented Fox Blanco have put together “VR” as their next outstanding release. This follows both the electronic and acoustic versions of “Son” that landed last year.

With their roots deeply founded in making organic music using instruments, Fox Blanco slightly steer away from their stripped back original vibe and incorporate more of a pop meet electronica theme in “VR.” The trio says, “’VR’ is about meaningful online relationships and the urge to escape our sometimes challenging world. When responsibilities and real life are calling, you sometimes react by diving straight into a more attractive, virtual world where the weather is good and you have a ton of friends. It feels so real and good, at least for a while. It’s something many young people probably have experienced today in the online world.”

Listen on the stream below.

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