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Kompany Unleashes Multi-Genre ‘Metropolis’ EP

The element of surprise is a very unique way to insert yourself into the music world. Something that’s a little bit different or unexpected could be a huge hit or miss. LA-based DJ/Producer Kompany has used the unforeseen path to his advantage throughout his young career. Emerging from the shadows it seemed in 2017, Kompany was a student of the Icon Collective, which has housed some of the biggest names in electronic music, and propelled them to stardom. He has gathered his extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of sound to release a number of standalone tracks, including “Rapture” and “Take Aim.” This time around, Kompany tries his hand at a bit of storytelling on his newest work, Metropolis EP . 

Every good story needs an intro, and “Firewall” is just that for this body of work. The track is a great buildup into an absolutely insane EP, as it’s slow lead into a head rattling drop gives us a great preview of what to expect as we listen through. “Seething” is the second tune, and it’s very exclusive to the Kompany sound, as it is a bit wonky, a bit of trap, and a bit electro all rolled up into one seamless bop. As the climax of the album, this one shows just how technical Kompany can get with his sound. “Take It All” could be the star of the EP, however. With a combination of angelic vocals and a melodic bass tint, at first you may think you switched artists somehow. The drop reminds you that you are still in fact listening to a Kompany song. “Last Man Standing” is the faultless ending to this masterpiece, as UK rapper Virus Syndicate spits with a rage in what is sure to become a frenzy during a live set. You can take a listen to the whole EP below. 

2019 promises to be another exciting year for Kompany, as he is one of the fastest rising stars in dubstep. The Never Say Die member looks ahead to a year full of opportunity and success. As for the fans, we just hope he keeps cranking out jams that are as unique and in-your-face as this new EP. 

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