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Krayysh Remixes Shadient’s ‘Leidenfrost’

The only thing nastier than a bass track is another bass artist’s remix of that track, and that’s exactly what happened when Krayysh got his hands on a Shadient track. Bass music is already freeform and creative in its structure, so producers can really have a lot of fun playing with a remix. Take a second to melt your brain and listen to Krayysh’s remix of “Leidenfrost.”

The original Shadient track already has a sick sound design in the buildup and hits heavy with the drops, but Krayysh adds his own twisted touch to it in a way that makes it slap differently – complete with his own dark and demonic “Krayysh” sample. His remix largely focuses on the meat of the original track, zoning in and adding a glitchy synth sound over the track for a little more complexity. This is Krayysh’s first release of the year and the first in around five months. Keep watching Krayysh for more releases, and in the meantime listen to his other originals and mixes on his Soundcloud.

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