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LICK Takes Bass to Another ‘Dimension’ with Latest EP

Would you like a taste of bass perfection? LICK offers nothing short of this with his sophomore EP, Dimension, out on the Deadbeats label. The entire Dimension EP is a finely tuned and expertly crafted masterpiece that far exceeds your typical EP (which makes sense, Deadbeats is a highly respected label for its selective taste in upcoming music.) Prepare to be transported to a superior dimension in bass music.

Dimension transcends all expectations of bass music. It’s more than just four tracks on an EP – it’s an experience. We’re introduced to the Dimension with a melancholy and ominous piano intro in “Pain [Prologue]” before we’re launched into the track for which the EP earns its name, “Dimension.” The two flow together nicely with the same instrumentals and vocals, but “Dimension” possesses a darker energy. It’s clear why this track and the EP share a name – “Dimension” is easily the most robust and heaviest of the tracks. “Rebel,” the next track in Dimension, features an eery, high-pitched voice that whispers distantly, “Why do you seem so scared? All I wanted to do was play with you,” before the bass hits with a satisfying and seductive tempo. “Mankind,” a collaboration with No Etiquette, acts as an explosive conclusion to this epic narrative in bass music.

In its entirety, Dimension is a masterful execution in bass music. LICK has proven himself one to keep an eye on.

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