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Pax Impera Brings Haunting Heat with ‘Paranoia’

Do you feel like the hair on the back of your neck stands up when you listen to certain music? One producer who elicits this sensation perfectly is Pax Impera. If bass music could look over its shoulder, it would see Pax Impera sneaking up with surprising speed. Already this year he’s had his LA debut with Brownies & Lemonade, announced a spot on the lineup of Ubbi Dubbi Festival, dropped a collab with fellow bass producer Slooze, and, most recently, released “Paranoia” on the Deadbeats label.

With this track, Pax Impera captures the feeling of paranoia perfectly using a balance of creepy sound design and a heavy-hitting drop. A haunting beginning and eerie dial-tone samples fester into an explosion of synths and liquid, grinding bass that’s all reminiscent of a horror film. The eeriest part of this tune is the disturbing voices whispering “It’s behind you,” repeating in a sort of frenzied way. “Paranoia” has an unsettling energy with a smooth rhythm that combines for finely-tuned perfection. Does Pax Impera have your attention now?

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