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RB Deep in the Mix: Mikey Lion for Desert Hearts @ Mixmag

Whenever Desert Hearts get put on to a lineup, your first instinct should be to drop everything and figure out how you’re getting to that show. Their vivid unique house sound is second to none and can send even the most veteraned attendee into a total state of bliss. Mikey Lion teamed up with his brother Porky and lifelong friends Lee Reynolds and Marbs to form the Desert Hearts Movement in 2012. They built a community based on trying to create as much love as possible deep in the Mojave Desert, and over half a decade later that love has grown to annual Desert Hearts festivals, parties, and venue takeovers with a dedicated cult-like fan base that are proud to call themselves part of the Desert Hearts family.

For this week’s RB Deep in the Mix, we are immersing ourselves into Mikey Lion’s psychedelic set at the 2018 Desert Hearts Halloween Party in Los Angeles.

MIKEY LION live from Desert Hearts Halloween party

As always, Mikey Lion throws down a lengthy and vibrant house set that fans can’t help but dance along too. On stage with the Beetlejuice costumed Mikey is Lee Reynolds, Porky, Marbs, and a small group of the dedicated Desert Hearts family having the time of their life. The video really captures the magic of the Desert Hearts, with everyone in the crowd moving to the beat in their costumes.

Mikey Lion and the rest of the Desert Hearts are taking over Shady Park for an intimate night of music on March 3rd. Grab tickets here and see you on the dancefloor!

Connect with Mikey Lion: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Desert Hearts: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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