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NGHTMRE, SHAQ and Lil Jon Make a ‘BANG’

Good things take time. Sometimes it takes A LOT of time after a not so brief pause for an illustrious career in the NBA. Of course this isn’t true for everyone, because not all of us are seven feet tall and the size of a small SUV. However, for Shaquille O’Neal, his latest release “BANG” with bass enthusiast NGHTMRE and professional hype man Lil Jon comes 20+ years after his last musical project. The tune takes pieces from each artist in different degrees. We know that Shaq is a huge hip-hop fan, and it shows throughout the rhythms of the song. NGHTMRE gives us his heavy bass tracking, and as usual, it’s gritty and ridiculously hard-hitting. Lil Jon provides his distinct hyped up vocals to the track. All three combine seamlessly to deliver a pretty refreshing track that is going to be a headbanger’s anthem, no doubt. You can check out “BANG” below. 

After giving those at Decadence Arizona the memory of a lifetime with their back to back countdown set, Shaq and NGHTMRE seemed to have developed a relationship beyond the decks. Their chemistry and showmanship blend together into a perfect bass-filled masterpiece with the help of Lil Jon. We already know that NGHTMRE is an absolute force in the scene, and now it seems that Shaq is looking to make his mark in electronic music as well just as he did in the NBA. We cannot wait to hear more.

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