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Spag Heddy and Rico Act Unleash ‘Noodle Neck’

Spag Heddy and Rico Act just teamed up to drop their newest dubstep banger “Noddle Neck,” and just like the title suggests, this track will leave your neck feeling like a wet noodle. Spag Heddy lays down a killer, synth and bass filled melody while Rico Act destroys the beat with comical hip-hop lyrics and enough pasta references to leave anyone hungry. It’s hard to listen to this track without wanting to drop everything and start headbanging. Check it out below!

Spag Heady got his start in the UKF Dubstep days and has grown to become one of the most sizeable names in the bass industry. The Holland-based DJ and producer has released tracks on a variety of labels including Buygore, Never Say Die: Black Label, and Disciple Records. Rico Act, on the other hand, has been doing vocals for seismic dubstep acts since 2016. He is best known for his vocals on “Rail Breaker” by Riot Ten and “Get Fucked” by Dirtysnatcha. It’s no secret that when either of these artists put out a new track, it’s going to be a heavy, earth-shattering time.

Spag Heady is making a stop on his Noodle Neck Tour at the Crush 10-year anniversary a week from today! Grab last-minute tickets here.

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