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Sullivan King Switches Up Styles on ‘The Demented’ EP

Peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, and EDM and metal. Some things just work together seamlessly. The last of those combinations, however, has really paid off for heavy hitter Sullivan King. His newest work, The Demented EP, just dropped and has given us a reminder about just how diverse this man is. It starts off with a midtempo jam, (yes, midtempo from Sullivan King) carrying the same namesake as the EP. The title track isn’t soft by any means, as Sully’s vocals give off a Korn vibe in the beginning and blend into another hard-hitting tune from the Los Angeles based producer. “Lie” picks up the pace a little bit and leans more towards the electro side of the spectrum, more so than any song on the EP. This song also includes some of the jaw-dropping guitar shredding that we’ve come to expect in a Sullivan King song. “Show Stopper” a collab with Grabbitz includes everything from rapping to a musical-esque bridge that will make you forget that you’re listening to one of the hardest acts in dubstep. Towards the end of the song there is a breakdown that puts the spotlight on the metal roots of Sullivan King, which is the perfect ending to the rougher side of the EP. The final song is a very surprising acoustic rendition of fan favorite “Don’t Care” that will absolutely blow you away. Check out the brand new EP below. 

Sully once again delivers the genre-bending greatness we’ve come to expect from him. Whether you’re a basshead or a metalhead, or even if you’ve never dabbled in either scene, this EP is for you. It combines all of his metal roots with his producing prowess, and even a few surprises are thrown in. Either throw on some headphones or get somewhere where your music won’t disturb your neighbors because you’ll want to play this one loud. 

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