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The Specs of a JOYRYDE Set

Any car buyer knows that you must prepare before you go and commit. That includes doing a bit of research to see what you’re getting. Here at RB, we may not be car experts, but we are pretty certain that if you are looking for a one of a kind ryde, we may know of just the guy. UK DJ/Producer Jonney Ford, or JOYRYDE to many, is known for his namesake, as he uses a running theme of hot rods in pretty much every aspect of his music. Below, we’ll give you a quick rundown so you’re a little more equipped for when he brings his insane auto show to the tenth anniversary of Crush AZ on February 15 and 16.

Speed: A JOYRYDE set puts you in what feels like the center of a crazy Fast & Furious car chase scene. His hard hitting, fast paced presentation will keep you moving for the entirety of the performance. Just when you think you’ve personally ran out of gas, the UK powerhouse will slow it down (a little) with some bone rattling trap beats. The change of speeds throughout are a sure fire way to keep the crowd involved, and the party going strong.

Performance: You can tell that Ford truly loves what he does. The energy he brings to the stage is contagious. When an artist truly loves and believes in the work they’re presenting, it shows. JOYRYDE is no exception as he will be jumping around and hyping the music up just as much as the rest of us. Below you can check out a fan video of his 2018 EDC Orlando performance.

“JOYRYDE – Live @ EDC Orlando 2018”

Sound: Combining house, trap, hip-hop, dubstep, and whatever else he’s feeling, JOYRYDE delivers with a very distinct and unique setlist that not only pays tribute to the heavy hitters of the electronic world, but also usually includes remixes of a few classic party favorites from Migos, Drake, and many of rap’s big names as well. His live performances also contain a lot of car chase-related noises such as screeches, turbos, and of course sirens, which add to the authenticity of the show. We included his Night Owl Radio mix below so you can get an idea of how he throws it down.

Appearance: Along with the hot rod sound effects scattered into his sets, JOYRYDE’s visuals stay true to the theme as well. Using images of various high-tier rides, it’s possible that you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re watching a movie (if you can stop dancing for a couple seconds) while the UK party starter throws down behind the decks. It’s a captivating experience that you must see.

Whether it is a pulse accelerating hard house tune that gets you going, or a heavy bass filled trap piece, JOYRYDE will include something for your taste in his set. He presents a seamless mix of songs that are sure to make you lose yourself to the music, and some that will make you go damn near insane on the dance floor. Hopefully our RYDEfax list has helped you get prepared for the exhilarating journey that JOYRYDE is about to take us on at Crush AZ on Friday, February 15. The only other advice we can leave you with is to buckle up and be prepared for a wild ryde.

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