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Zhu and Sofi Tukker Unleash ‘Mi Rumba’

Zhu is kicking off 2019 with a provocative and sexy new bedroom banger featuring Sofi Tukker. “Mi Rumba” is just as much enticing and scandalous as it is catchy. The track features seductive lyrics from Sofi Tukker, mature soundbites, and the wonkiest, catchiest bassline we’ve seen from Zhu yet. Tukker’s vocals on “Mi Rumba” are sensual and inviting, singing about her sexual fantasies towards someone. Zhu’s vocals complement Tukker’s lyrics impeccably, the two go back and forth delivering their intimate message and it works together very strongly. The vocals are only part of what makes “Mi Rumba” the kinky portrayal of lust that it is. The bassline and melody are what really take this track to the next level. “Mi Rumba” is packed with wide, bellowing horns, psychoactive bass-kicks, and enticing claps, all of which have grown common in Zhu’s discography. Take a listen to “Mi Rumba” below!

Steven Zhu has become a master of making music since his debut in 2014. With just a half-decade under his belt, he’s gone on to produce 4 EP’s, 2 studio albums, and numerous singles. Zhu has played festivals all over the world including Electric Forest, Burning Man, and Coachella. In late 2018, Zhu dropped his long-awaited Ringos Desert full-length studio album to much praise and has been touring and playing shows all over the world ever since. With “Mi Rumba” it’s clear to see that 2019 will be the year of the Zhu.

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