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Carnage Emerges From Hiatus with New Sound

It’s tough to imagine just how much pressure gets put on to musical artists from both themselves and their fan bases around the world. The rigorous day-to-day criticism inevitably takes a toll on both their body and brain. Some try and push through without putting themselves first, which ultimately can lead to even more issues. For Carnage, however, this wasn’t an option. The trap star has emerged from the shadows after a four-month break from the spotlight, bringing what appears to be a clear head and a new sound along with him. His latest release “Letting People Go” features a bouncy, house like bass line and vocals from indie trio Prinze George. Carnage claims that the song is an ode to all of the families who have been separated at the US border, something his mother and grandmother went through when first arriving in the states. It’s a powerful, yet uplifting tune that is very different from the bass heavy songs we have come to expect from Carnage. You can listen to the new track below.

 The new sound we are hearing from Carnage could help pave a way for him to not only create the music he wants, but to keep his mental and physical wellness in check. All we know is that we are intrigued by his resurgence, and cannot wait to see what’s next for him. 

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