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Flume Makes Triumphant Comeback & Drops Surprise Mixtape

FOLKS, IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! Nearly three (yes, THREE) years after his Skin album released, and almost two years after the remixes, Flume has returned to pick up right where he left off. On Tuesday, the mega producer randomly tweeted out that his newest work, a mixtape called Hi This Is Flume, would be released the next day and he definitely did not disappoint.

Normally, I would give a track-by track preview of the work, but quite honestly, this mixtape is more of a “listen for yourself because I can’t even really describe what I’m hearing” type of thing… All I can say is that it has it all. From the feelsy, melodic Flume we all know and love, to a hard hitting hip-hop side, to the somewhat strange, all over the place, but completely masterful pieces that you have to hear for yourself, the man has created something special. The mixtape also includes some incredible visuals that bring a nice element to the release, tying it all together. It’s no question that Flume is still at the top of his game, regardless of the lengthy absence. We welcome back the legend with open arms, and ears ready to listen to whatever he throws our way. You can listen to Hi This Is Flume below. 

While he’s not shy to take rightfully deserved breaks from the scene, it’s exceptionally clear how much better the world is when Flume is releasing music. Twitter absolutely exploded at the news of his comeback, and then went into full mayhem once the tape actually came out. Being a pioneer of the future bass sound, the pressure must’ve been on the Australian producer to create something big. Not only did he do that, but he created it with what seems to be a huge sense of artistic freedom. Whatever the process was, and however long it took to create, Hi This Is Flume is exactly what the scene needed, creating a sense of unity from the shared love of one artist. So cheers to you, Mr. Flume. It is great to have you back. 

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