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Bassnectar Presents ‘Reflective (Part 4)’ Project

Bassnectar, God of all things heavy, has already blessed his loyal BNF with three parts of his Reflective project spread out over three beautiful and intricately designed albums that are robust with remixes, collabs, and original beats. Bassnectar was inspired to create the Reflective project as a collective of collaborations and showcases of talent noticed by Bassnectar. It appears that Part 4 of the Reflective series will follow the same idea because Reflective Part 4 is thick with original songs and remixes from artists like Peekaboo, Jansten, Hailo and more.

Each song on this seven-track album radiates sci-fi energy with future-propelling sound design. The next installment of the Reflective series is diverse with new artist names, drum n bass, dreamy midtempo, and a variety of energy levels while still being loyal to the same theme Bassnectar has curated over the entire project. If you’re a basshead, you’ll enjoy all past and future parts to Reflective.

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