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Danyiom Shares His Latest Single, ‘dreamers don’t believe in ghosts ‘

Rising Berlin artist Danyiom returns with another enthralling record entitled “dreamers don’t believe in ghosts.” The RnB-laden record is rich with its lush and mood-driven melodies and body moving rhythms that showcases Danyiom’s myriad musical tastes and styles.

The single explores the story of modern youth in society, delivering this in a very sublime manner exercising his vocals to put his emotions into every harmony. With its chilled keys, airy brass and a laid back groove “dreamers don’t believe in ghosts” really showcases a diverse sound and true mix of genres from opening to close.

With so much more to come from Danyiom throughout the remainder of the year, “dreamers don’t believe in ghosts” works as a powerful interlude to his imminent LP. Take a listen below.

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