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Deorro & Danny Avila ‘Keep It Goin’ with Electro Banger

LA native Deorro has put his electro beats together with Spanish house producer Danny Avila‘s bouncy house energy for the perfect electro house banger. Both producers have talent in creating house music while also sprinkling in a little spice of electro energy into their music. The result is music that can slide from a sweaty, dark dance floor to splashing pool parties in one hot second. Their recent collaboration, “Keep It Goin’,” is a hot example of their teamwork.

Deorro and Avila sink you into their track slowly by fading in the lyrics, “I get the liquor flowin’/Just like the smoke I’m blowin’/I keep the party goin’,” before busting into a deep and funky drop. Deorro & Avila really keep it going in the second drop, with an explosive switch up compared to the first drop and hyped up vocals to keep the energy high. If you need something to keep you goin’, look no further than this track.

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