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DFUX and Jack Wilby’s New Track is a ‘Run Away’

Every so often, a new song comes around that’s so mesmerizing it gets stuck in your head for weeks to come. That’s exactly what’ll happen after listening to DFUX’s new song “Run Away (feat. Jack Wilby).” The euphoric electro-house track is overflowing with amazing synthesizers, bouncy, yet danceable basslines, and hypnotizing vocals. “Run Away” is the first track we’ve seen from London-based DFUX in 2019, and listeners won’t be disappointed. London-based Jack Wilby, who is best known for his collaboration with Tom Budin on “Price of Love,” left nothing out on this new track. His vocals compliment the playful tone of the song, creating hallucinogenic-like visions in listener’s minds. “Run Away” is out now on Strange Fruits.

In a statement, DFUX admits, “Before the final edit, we made 3 different versions of ‘Run Away.’ It’s a project that’s taken over 8 months to complete as we wanted to find the perfect balance between club and radio.”

With over 8 months in the making for one song, it’s clear to see that DFUX puts the time and dedication into their work to create a sound they love and think fans will cherish. With just over a year into the DFUX project, George Hill and Joss Hamberg have already made huge strides towards a successful career in the music industry. Their track “Vacancy” receive support from the Madrid Football Team’s Defender, Marcelo Viera when it was featured on his personal blog. The duo also had their last track “Remember” was used in an official Hugo Boss collection launch promotion video. This summer, you can expect to see DFUX take over the UK nightclub scene with several performances to come.

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