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DJ To Watch: Bommer

Zack Bommer, more commonly known as Bommer, is a 25-year-old dubstep producer from St. Louis, Missouri. Bommer is a testament of what dedication and perseverance can lead to. From starting at local bars before dubstep was even a household name, Bommer put countless hours a day into his craft. Fast-forward four years, and Bommer has had releases on labels such as Smog, Prime Audio, Subquake Audio, Octane Audio, and GMB Records. In addition to his production, Bommer’s mixing skills are second to none. With flawless double drops to clean transitions, Bommer can keep any dance floor entertained and shaking.

His music has taken him around the world at noted festivals and shows like Spring Awakening, his Australia tour, and L.A. Bassrush. You’ll often hear “this track is bomb” in a festival crowd when Bommer hits the stage…coincidence? I think not. Hit tracks that have gotten him where he is today include his collaboration with Crowell in “Yasuo” which is climbing up to over 1.10 million plays. Thee track we can’t stop playing is his recent remix of Subtronics and Boogie T’s “Senpai” with HE$H.

To really bring this DJ to Watch full circle, we are gearing up for Boomer’s great AZ debut. Joining fellow dubstep dude- HE$S for a massive show at Aura on June 22. You won’t want to miss this one- grab your tickets HERE.

Connect with Bommer: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud 

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