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Ekali and YOOKiE Release Long Awaited Collab ‘Jundo’

Some may feel that the trap genre has “fallen off” a bit within the past couple of years. If you ask Ekali or the guys in YOOKiE, however, they most certainly feel a bit differently. Released on the most recent Big Beat Records compilation, “Jundo” is a new collaboration from the two acts that bring together Ekali’s ear for detail and sound design and YOOKiE’s off-centered wonky style. The song carries Egyptian undertones, with a soothing yet dark build up which leads into a drop unlike any you’ve ever heard. These guys have had this release up their sleeves for a while now, with Ekali playing it on tour to fans who were eager to learn the ID. Now, the song has finally seen the light of day and we couldn’t be happier. Check out “Jundo” below.

It’s pretty obvious after this one that trap is, in fact, alive and well. If it was on any sort of decline, this song has breathed a breath of fresh air back into the genre with something completely new and unique. It was pretty much expected when we found out that the two acts were joining forces, but the final cut completely blew any expectations out of the water. With legendary sound design and the perfected weirdness of the YOOKiE crew, “Jundo” must-have have on your summer playlist. You can check out YOOKiE live as they look to blow the roof off Aura Nightclub on Sat,urday June 8, and tickets can be purchased here.

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