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Justin Jay Releases 4th Single Ahead of Upcoming Album

Justin Jay might just be one of the most dynamic house producers out there. Spanning from deep and tech house to full-on live indie music, his creative prowess stops at nothing to produce beautiful and entrancing melodies. His music might put you in that weird deep house vibe, or it may soothe you with soul-quenching beats from his live band, Justin Jay & Friends. His latest single in a string of releases ahead of his upcoming album, everything will come together, pt. 1, is a harmonization of both vibes.

The intro to the fourth and most recent release of the album, titled “i know ur out there,” features dreamy vocals and sleepy retro synths, then picks the beat up and infuses guitar and violin instrumentals from Justin Jay’s friends Benny Bridges and Nick Kennerly. This creation is a delicious blend of deep house and indie melodies, something only Justin Jay could deliver so sweetly. Everything will come together when the full album releases on May 17. Soon after, Justin Jay will bring his live band to Shady Park on May 26. Snag your tickets now.

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