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Loud Luxury Unveil ‘Love No More’ Remixes

Canadian DJ/producer duo Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace, better known as Loud Luxury, are quickly rising in popularity among house heads and the mainstream crowd for their catchy bops, rhythmic beats and overall cute vibe to their music. Tracks like “Body” and their remix of Martin Garrix‘s “Scared to Be Lonely” ride that sweet line between deep house and a feel-good pop anthem, making these and every other Loud Luxury track essential for the summer, pool parties, and good times in general. Their track with Anders titled “Love No More” oozes this type of sound as well – and recently, they have released six new remixes for you to enjoy six different ways.

The original “Love No More” has a smooth beat and the sweet melodic vocals of Anders, and each remix plays on this in a valuable way. Fedde Le Grand‘s remix brings in a glitchiness to the vocals and euphoric synths that play on the feelsy vibe of this track. In contrast, BROHUG brings just a slightly heavy dance energy while still maintaining the lightweight essence of the track. Next is Merk & Kremont‘s remix, which hits us with a bouncier, almost bass house energy. Tails slows things down with delicate chimes and a larger focus on the crooning vocals, veering this remix into future bass territory. Justin Oh‘s remix begins with darker, nearly ominous sounds that eventually build into synths that sound almost unrecognizable from the original. Finally, PBH & Jack Shizzle cradle the house foundation of the track, only tweaking the builds and drops to hit a little harder in a classic remix. No matter your favorite remix, we can all agree both the original and the remixes are fresh and dance-worthy.

If you enjoyed Tails’ remix in particular, make sure to catch him at both Wet Electric on April 27 and with What So Not at Gentle Ben’s also on April 27!

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