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Plastic Toy Debuts with ‘Try me’ Featuring DJ Snake

Some songs just have an energy about them that’s infectious. The type of song you cruise around blaring with the windows down. “Try me” is the new debut single from French producer Plastic Toy, who gathered the help of dance music superstar DJ Snake to make a chill summer jam. Reverting back to the energy we got with DJ Snake’s smash hit “Middle,” this song takes a different approach to most of the work we see from him, which we’re guessing has to come from the mysterious artist that is Plastic Toy. Not much is known about the identity of the person behind the track, but it’s apparent we will be hearing more, as the mystery producer claimed the first release on Snake’s new Premiere Classe Records. The song itself is piano-driven with vocals leading into a drop that is as funky as it is futuristic. Approaching a million plays on Spotify, it’s obvious that fans are already flocking to the unique sound. You can check out what the hype is all about and listen to the debut single below. 

“Masked” or “unknown” producers have been gaining a lot of attention in recent years, and for good reason. Being unknown means no expectations and minimal pressure. The artist can then create whatever music they like, however they like. It ends up that we get a lot of new and different sounds within their music because they aren’t afraid to go outside the box. With “Try me,” Plastic Toy and DJ Snake come together to producer a record that isn’t really similar to anything we’ve heard before. Until we figure out who the artist behind this brilliant track is, you can find us daydreaming to these wonderful sounds. 

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