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Redlight Starts Our Engines with ‘Sports Mode’

Music is meant to make you move, especially house music. It’s carefully curated to make it near impossible to stay still on the dance floor, and that is exactly what “Sports Mode” from UK house veteran Redlight has done. Another addition to his long list of recent releases, the song seems to come and go in waves, as it includes more than its fair share of buildup and drops. Lead by catchy but simplistic vocal hooks and a funky bassline, it’s easy to understand why Redlight has been in control of dancefloors across the UK and beyond for years because this song is damn catchy. You can check out the mind-melting tune below.

It requires an incredible amount of time and effort to not only reach the top of your craft but to then perfect it and enhance it repeatedly takes a completely different kind of discipline. Redlight has been creating a distinct, yet uncategorized sound throughout his many years within the scene, and continuously cranks out tunes that have even the most dedicated house heads dropping their jaws. With his latest release, his dedication and talent are on full display, as “Sports Mode” has us ready to start our engines and lose it on the dance floor. If you want to catch the UK legend in action, you’re in luck, as you can see Redlight doing his thing live at Shady Park on Saturday, May 18th. You can snag tickets here, but maybe make a pit stop for some new dancing shoes before then, because you’ll surely need them for this one.

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