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Sliipow Goes ‘Cups Up’ with Langston Hues

With striking energy to it comes “Cups Up,” a new track from Indonesia’s Sliipow and US artist Langston Hues. It has been released on UZ’s Quality Goods Records and is sounding all kinds of sharp. Tightly knit percussion and pumped vocal inserts from the multi-talented Hues means that its steady introduction lulls you into a false sense of security.

Sliipow describes making the tune, saying:

First of all, we know Langston Hues from an event called Jakarta Cyper here in Indonesia. He is a well-known rapper here and was the host on that event so we decided to contact him and work on a collaboration. The whole song was made from our small studio in Semarang. ‘Cups Up’ is about the fact that no matter how hard your life is; you have to always keep your head up fighting your problems. Life can be hard, but you just have to enjoy it, turn up because the important thing in this life is just having fun.

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