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Adventure Club, Krewella, and Crankdat Give Future Bass a ‘Next Life’

The long-awaited second Adventure Club and Krewella collaboration is here and as if that weren’t enough for fans to be hyped about, the bass master himself, Crankdat, also joins in on the highly anticipated track. Back in 2012, Adventure Club and Krewella released “Rise & Fall” and ever since, fans have been begging for a second collaboration. Adventure Club started teasing “Next Life” at festivals in January and finally released the track in April. “Next Life” is already a hit and a nostalgic throwback to the early days of future bass.

“Next Life” is equal parts chillstep and future bass. While Adventure Club gives us a melodic drop with the addition of Crankdat’s subtle, chillstep bass, Krewella’s sweet vocals combined with sentimental lyrics make for a perfect feel-good anthem. The song is dynamic, exciting, and altogether a beautiful collection of each musician’s artistic skill. While all five of the artists provide a signature element to “Next Life”, the result sounds well unified and complex. “Next Life” is a song that breaks genre boundaries without sounding scattered. Adventure Club, Krewella, and Crankdat created the ultimate summer hit and an instant future bass classic.

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