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DJ to Watch: MOONBOY

Producer. DJ. “Alien boi.” YouTuber. For a rising star in a sky full of explosive talent, MOONBOY is really doing the most for himself. Born Jaime Madsen, MOONBOY is brimming with glowing energy for his craft, and he’s channeling it all into his productive new career. He’s amassed a following of loyal fans because of his heavy interactions with them, his talent as a dubstep and riddim DJ/producer, and his interesting and educational YouTube videos. With support from producers like Virtual Riot, Borgore, Ghastly and more, MOONBOY is easily in the waxing phase of his career, and certainly one to watch.

MOONBOY produces dubstep and riddim that outshines the repetitive dubstep that seems all too common in this industry, and that’s why he’s been drawing the attention from big artists lately. He recently produced a track with Ghastly titled “PSYCHO,” a filthy track from two like-minded artists and complete with “Down With the Sickness” samples. MOONBOY’s other recent single “ALIEN INVAZION” dropped on Borgore’s Buygore, one of the first big labels MOONBOY has released on. What makes MOONBOY outshine the rest, though, is his YouTube account. His uploads include vlogs, mixes, goofing around videos, and, what he’s become famous for, instructional imitation videos. He shows fans and aspiring producers how to sound like Excision, Rezz, Skrillex, Herobust and more.

MOONBOY might seem like a goofy kid, but he’s proving to be an incredibly talented DJ and producer. Make sure you catch him in action at Trapfest on July 13 at The Van Buren with Flosstradamus, 4B, ATLiens, and more. Get tickets now.

Connect with MOONBOY: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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