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G-REX and TYNAN Resurrect Dark Trap with ‘Doughboi’

G-REX and TYNAN are two of the most prominent pioneers of dark trap and when it was announced that a collaboration was underway, we knew it was going to be big. Earlier this month “Doughboi” was released and it’s exactly the nightmare-fuel, bass-heavy track that we were hoping for. TYNAN, who recently released a killer EP, Songs For Ghosts To Haunt To, is a 25-year-old producer from Oklahoma and is well-known for his contribution to dark trap with hits such as “Origin” and “A B Y S S” featuring 1788-L. G-REX, Jake Sweeney, is another important producer for the dark trap genre and his tracks “Babatunde” featuring PEEKABO and “Heretic” featuring Ghastly are transforming bass trap music.

“Doughboi” has a bass that demands to be heard and proves why G-REX and TYNAN are masters in their genre. The bass flutters and pulsates for a few minutes before quickly transitioning to the next variation of the same bass. The design of the drop itself is a dark trap, mid-tempo fusion that switches from heavy bass to random synths and audio samples. The chaotic and unnerving audio samples are a signature element to G-REX’s music and fit well with the explosive basses. “Doughboi’s” trap drums make the song more fluid and danceable while still maintaining a dark vibe. Every element of the track is perfect and comes together to create an impressive showcase of both G-REX and TYNAN’s talent in production and sound engineering.

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